Photography tidbits

Planning For Engagements!


 If you're stuck on what to wear, I always recommend coordinating colors versus matching! It’s a little more up-to-date when there are colors that compliment each other versus red shirts and jeans for everyone. Try and limit lots of patterns with your selection, as it can become busy or distracting in the image. Avoid wearing all black or all white because they tend to easily be blown out in the image (especially with outdoor photos).  Make sure you arrive on time (or a few minutes early) being that we work (primarily) with natural light! The sun goes down when it goes down. 

As for location, that is something we'd go over in your initial consultation. Houston is such a vibrant & eclectic city with a plethora of different settings that may fit your style. We can use a vast field, a more urban setting, pick a place with some rustic charm, or just use the coffee shop where you and your honey had your first date! Getting to know you and your history, likes & dislikes is all apart of the experience you'll get when you book with AMP! 

 This is also the perfect time to use your Hair & Makeup trial with your booked HAMU Artist. You'll be able to see the full & completed look while getting some practice in front of my lens before the big day.  

Bridal Session Prep


Bridals are probably one of my absolute FAVORITE sessions to photograph! It gives the bride a chance to really showcase every last detail of her gown..from the beading, to the silk corset strings, sweetheart necklines, all the way down to the delicate lace, chiffon, and many other elegant fabrics! Normally during the wedding day, there's HARDLY enough time to squeeze in shots of you in your lovely gown, so this is a great opportunity for that. 

Additionally, you may want to get your Florist to make a mock bouquet for your Bridals to add a little something to the session!

Wedding Day Tips


  • Make out a Family Formal Shot List 30 days prior to your date to expedite post-ceremony photography **There is an easy template I use that I will send via email**
  • Prepare a bag/box with all of your details that you'd like photographed: BRIDE-shoes, jewelry, rings, stationary/invitation suites, hand-written notes, perfume,etc.) GROOM- Tie, cuff links, cologne, suspenders, watch, etc..You can assign the box to your MOH or BM to take some of the pressure off of you!
  • I 110% recommend hiring a Day Of Coordinator! This is essential because it takes in incredible amount of pressure off of you and your loved ones when you have someone in place to make sure your day runs smoothly.
  • Take a breather during the day with your new spouse (possibly after post-ceremony photos). It goes by super fast, and you'll hardly get a moment to yourself. Even if it's 5 minutes, do it!